Better materials and production

We only use materials and production methods that are friendlier to our planet — organic, recycled, no harmful chemicals. We also ensure all of our factories operate under good working conditions. This shouldn't have to be stated, but the ugly truth is many brands produce with factories that don't pay a living wage or work under horrific conditions in order to keep costs low. 

Mindful curation

We only offer brands and products with similar values to ours. We evaluate and consider areas such as purpose, materials used, transparency, certifications, and working conditions. 

Give through partnerships

We aim to further reduce our footprint and accelerate improving the planet by partnering with organizations that take meaningful actions to improve the health of our planet.

Since day 1 we have been a proud member of 1% for the Planet. As a member we will donate at least 1% of our sales. This donation will fund environmental nonprofits approved by 1% for the Planet. In 2020 we donated 3% of our sales.

For every order we restore kelp forests on the coast of Southern California with the help of SeaTrees. California has lost 90% of its kelp forests in the last 10 years caused by the proliferation of purple sea urchins, as their predators disappear from human impacts and climate change. These forests are known to be some of the most diverse and productive ecosystems in the world. They also play a vital role in solving climate change. The latest science shows that kelp forests can sequester more carbon than mangrove forests among other benefits.

Zero Waste Packaging

When we ship your order we only use recycled mailers, or recycled corrugated boxes, meaning they are made from 100% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable, or we reuse packaging we receive from suppliers, manufacturers, and our daily lives — like from buying shit on Amazon. This ensures we have zero waste at the end of our supply chain and reuse as much as we can. When necessary we may need to use additional packaging to ensure goods are delivered to you safely.

Carbon-Neutral Shipping

We ship orders via Sendle, which allows us to ship in a carbon-neutral way. They ensure all of our carbon emissions from shipping are offset. To learn more click here. While there is controversy with carbon offsetting as an easy way for brands and companies to claim carbon-neutrality, we have strong trust for Sendle as a certified B-Corp and believe offsetting our emissions is still better than not. 

100% Carbon Neutral Delivery