Launched in Berlin, Germany in early 2020, Clodama is a streetwear and lifestyle brand now based out of Portland, OR. We strive to take a stand against bad practices seen in the fashion industry by operating and producing high-quality garments with the utmost respect towards people and our environment — all while being transparent in the process.

All other brands and products we carry are carefully vetted to ensure they have similar values to us. Our selection is a mix of minimalism and streetwear, creating a unique assortment that is well-balanced between style and function for everyday use.

While we are still a small local brand, our mission is to grow into a global brand, enabling us to contribute more and more of our sales to organizations that make a difference. 

Our Ethos

A better planet

The word Clodama is a spin on clothing and a Japanese word, Kodama (木霊), which are spirits in Japanese folklore that inhabit and protect trees. Similar to the Kodama’s protecting trees, we exist to help build a better planet.

Responsibility for all

We don’t call ourselves a sustainable company, but instead a responsible one. As long as we are conducting business we will have a footprint, but we do what we can to minimize this as much as possible and be transparent in the process. We hold everyone to this standard, including the brands we work with and our customers. Here are ways we strive to be responsible.

Joy in fashion

To be responsible doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy fashion - in fact, it is the opposite. Fashion is an integral part of our lifestyle. In many ways it is an extension of our personality. There is joy in wearing garments made responsibly — it makes us feel good and motivates us to care for them so we can wear them longer.